accessing FORTRAN from Python

Hanno Klemm klemm at
Tue Nov 14 15:52:37 CST 2006

Hi Christian,

I send this off-list as there are probably a lot more knowledgeable  
people around there.

However, I don't entirely understand your problem (I'm not on the f2py  

What happens if you try:

C file hello.f
       subroutine foo(a)
       integer a
Cf2py intent(in) a
       print*, "Hello from  Fortran!"
       print*, "a=",a

f2py -m -c hello hello.f

That usually did the trick for me. What are your error messages, if you  
try the above?

Best regards,

On Nov 14, 2006, at 12:09 PM, Christian Meesters wrote:

> Hoi,
> thanks to Robert Kern who helped me out yesterday on the f2py-list, I  
> was able
> to make some progress in accessing FORTRAN from Python. But only some
> progress ...
> If I have the following code, named 'hello.f':
> C File hello.f
>       subroutine foo (a)
>       integer a
>       print*, "Hello from Fortran!"
>       print*, "a=",a
>       end
> and compile it with g77 -shared -fPIC hello.f -o
> and then start python, I get the following:
>>>> from numpy import *
>>>> from ctypes import c_int,  POINTER, byref
>>>> hellolib = ctypeslib.load_library('hello', '.')
>>>> hello = hellolib.foo_
>>>> hello(42)
>  Hello from Fortran!
> Segmentation fault
> Can anybody tell me where my mistake is? (Currently python 2.4.1 (no  
> intention
> to update soon), the most recent ctypes, and numpy '1.0.dev3341' from  
> svn.)
> And a second question: Are there simple examples around which show how  
> to pass
> and retrieve lists, numpy arrays, and dicts to and from FORTRAN?  
> Despite an
> intensive web search I couldn't find anything.
> Christian
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