[Numpy-discussion] ScientificPython with NumPy

Gary Ruben gruben at bigpond.net.au
Fri Nov 24 20:35:03 CST 2006

Hi Konrad,
I can report that 2.7.1 installs OK on WinXP with the most recent 
Enthought Python. I used mingw, so replaced the build instruction with
python setup.py build --numpy --compiler=mingw32
All I tried was the Geometry.Vector class which my older code uses 
heavily - this behaves well.

konrad.hinsen at laposte.net wrote:
> Those who would like to test-drive ScientificPython with NumPy can do  
> so now: just download version 2.7.1 from
> 	http://sourcesup.cru.fr/
> and install using
> 	python setup.py build --numpy
> 	python setup.py install --numpy
> Note that I have relied on NumPy's automatic code converter to  
> identify the places that needed to be changed. In other words, there  
> could still be incompatibilities, of the kinds that the converter  
> cannot spot. The changes are mine, however, as my goal was to have  
> Python code compatible with both Numeric and NumPy.
> Bug reports are welcome, ideally through the Web site mentioned above.
> Konrad.

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