[Numpy-discussion] Problems with Numexpr and discontiguous arrays

Ivan Vilata i Balaguer ivilata at carabos.com
Wed Oct 4 06:23:52 CDT 2006

It seemed that discontiguous arrays worked OK in Numexpr since r1977 or
so, but I have come across some alignment or striding problems which can
be seen with the following code::

    import numpy
    import numexpr

    array_length = 10
    array_descr = [('c1', numpy.int32), ('c2', numpy.uint16)]

    array = numpy.empty((array_length,), dtype=array_descr)
    for i in xrange(array_length):
        array['c1'][i] = i
        array['c2'][i] = 0xaaaa

    print numexpr.evaluate('c1', {'c1': array['c1']})
    print numexpr.evaluate('c1', {'c1': array['c1'].copy()})

Im my computer, Pentium IV with NumPy 1.0rc1 and Numexpr r2239
(unmodified) this gives the following result::

    [      0      109226 -1431699456           2      240298 -1431699456
           4      371370           8      633514]
    [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]

The test works right when ``evaluate()`` is used with 'c2' instead of
'c1', and also when 'c2' also measures 32 bits and fields are aligned.
Maybe the ``memsteps`` value is not getting used somewhere.  Any ideas
on this?


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