[Numpy-discussion] zip safe egg?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 13:25:55 CDT 2006

Bryce Hendrix wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
>> It is not zip-safe if you want to compile against the headers. That keyword 
>> can't be added to the setup() call in the trunk's setup.py because numpy cannot 
>> depend on setuptools, at the moment.
> Adding the keyword does not break builds not using setuptools, the build 
> just prints a warning that its not a valid keyword. I just discovered 
> this is also an issue for scipy eggs when building with weave.

A warning is not really acceptable in the trunk, either. We've found that 
warnings during the build process tend to make people think that something went 

> Perhaps the best solution is to complain to the setuptools list, I'm 
> just looking for a quick fix for now.

Patch setup.py in our build system, I would think.

What revision of numpy and what version of setuptools are you using? setuptools 
0.7a1 and numpy r3261 correctly recognizes numpy as not zip-safe.

zip_safe flag not set; analyzing archive contents...
numpy._import_tools: module references __file__
numpy._import_tools: module references __path__
numpy.version: module references __file__
numpy.core.generate_array_api: module references __file__
numpy.core.setup: module references __file__
numpy.distutils.exec_command: module references __file__
numpy.distutils.misc_util: module references __file__
numpy.distutils.system_info: module references __file__
numpy.distutils.command.build_src: module references __file__
numpy.f2py.diagnose: module references __file__
numpy.f2py.f2py2e: module references __file__
numpy.f2py.setup: module references __file__
numpy.f2py.lib.wrapper_base: module references __file__
numpy.lib.utils: module MAY be using inspect.getsource
numpy.lib.utils: module MAY be using inspect.getsourcefile
numpy.numarray.util: module references __file__
numpy.testing.numpytest: module references __file__

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