[Numpy-discussion] super-packages [was "Hello and my first patch"]

Jon Peirce Jonathan.Peirce at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Oct 6 05:55:18 CDT 2006

 > Perhaps that is the best way to move forward along with the work on a
 > "pylab" super-package.

A few years ago it seemed that scipy was developing to BE the 
super-package. It was to have plotting and some numpy flavour and all 
sorts of goodies for scientists. The name still implies that. People are 
now talking about a super-package that includes scipy as one of three 

Definitely it seems that pylab is a bad name since it's already used by 
matplotlib and the last thing we want is another confusing name 
convention that becomes hard to google.

But why not scipy? It seems the right name for a super-package.


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