ide for python/numpy/scipy/mpl, , development ?

Eric Emsellem emsellem at
Mon Oct 9 09:50:33 CDT 2006


thanks for the tip: very nice but really too expensive for me... (the
personal version having too many constraints). Thanks again anyway.
Will search for something else... Maybe I'll manage to get pida or spe
to work ?


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> If you don't mind going commercial, then the WingIDE has been working
> very well for me.
> And it apparently has a VIM mode (and emacs).  I'm an emacs guy,
> though, so I haven't tried out the VIM support.
> Wing is based on GTK so the interface on Windows doesn't look so nice,
> or act so much like a native Windows app (F10 pops up menus --
> weird?), but it works well.  I tried a bunch of free IDEs first and
> gave up out of frustration after a while, too.  Wing just worked for
> me and worked quite well.  Documentation is pretty good too.
>  Free trial so you can see if you like it first.
> --bb

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