Library problem on installation

Michael Subotin msubotin at
Wed Oct 11 15:30:42 CDT 2006


I know that it's a perennial topic on the list, but I haven't been able to
find my answer in the archives. After running the installation on a RedHat
Linux machine, I'm getting the import error: "/usr/lib/
undefined symbol: e_wsfe". Judging from earlier exchanges here, it seems
that I need to add libg2c (which this machine does have in /usr/lib, unlike
g2c) somewhere between 'f77blas' and 'cblas', but I'm not sure where I
should make this change. Not being well versed in Python distributions, I
tried my luck with a few candidates and the import error remains. The
machine should be running gcc.

Thanks for any help.

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