Please test the SVN branch

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at
Thu Oct 12 01:38:51 CDT 2006

I made some fixes to the "asbuffer" code which let me feel better about 
exposing it in NumPy (where it is now named int_asbuffer).

This code takes a Python integer and a size and returns a buffer object 
that points to that memory.  A little test is performed by trying to 
read (and possibly write if a writeable buffer is requested) to the 
first and last elements of the buffer.  Any segfault is trapped and used 
to raise a Python error indicating you can't use that area of memory. 

It doesn't guarantee you won't shoot yourself, but it does make it more 
difficult to segfault Python.  Previously a simple int_asbuffer(3423423, 
5) would have segfaulted (unless by chance you the memory area 3423423 
happens to be owned by Python).

I have not tested the code on other platforms to make sure it works as 
expected, so please try and compiled it.


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