Can' compile numpy 1.02rc3 on OSX 10.3.9

Jay Parlar parlar at
Thu Oct 19 19:53:32 CDT 2006

> Hi!
> I try to compile numpy rc3 on Panther and get following errors.
> (I start build with "python2.3 build" to be sure to use the
> python shipped with OS X. I din't manage to compile Python2.5 either
> yet with similar errors)
> Does anynbody has an Idea?
> gcc-3.3
> XCode 1.5
> November gcc updater is installed

I couldn't get numpy building with Python 2.5 on 10.3.9 (although I
had different compile errors). The solution that ended up working for
me was Python 2.4. There's a bug in the released version of Python 2.5
that's preventing it from working with numpy, should be fixed in the
next release.

You can find a .dmg for Python 2.4 here:

Jay P.

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