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Sun Oct 22 17:45:42 CDT 2006


the docstring for compress in numpy give this


compress(condition, m, axis=None, out=None)
    compress(condition, x, axis=None) = those elements of x corresponding
    to those elements of condition that are "true".  condition must be the
    same size as the given dimension of x.

So (but perhaps I can misundertand the help due to my english) I don't 
undersand the following error, for me a and c array does have the same 
dimension and size. So someone can explain me the result please?



In [86]: a = numpy.arange(9)

In [87]: a = numpy.arange(9).reshape(3,3)

In [88]: c = numpy.ones(9).reshape(3,3)

In [89]: numpy.compress(c,a)
exceptions.ValueError                                Traceback (most recent 
call last)

/home/gruel/tmp/Astro/FATBOY/<ipython console>

/home/gruel/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/numpy/core/fromnumeric.py in 
compress(condition, m, axis, out)
    353     except AttributeError:
    354         return _wrapit(m, 'compress', condition, axis, out)
--> 355     return compress(condition, axis, out)
    357 def clip(m, m_min, m_max):

ValueError: condition must be 1-d array

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