Release of 1.0 coming

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Mon Oct 23 18:28:05 CDT 2006

Albert Strasheim wrote:
> Hey Travis
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>> The long awaited day is coming....--- Wednesday is the target.
>> Please submit problems before Tuesday (tomorrow).  Nothing but bug-fixes
>> are being changed right now.
> Some Valgrind warnings that you might want to look at:
> Maybe faltet could provide some code to reproduce this problem:
Looked at it and couldn't see what could be wrong.   Need code to 
reproduce the problem.
> I think this ndpointer issue has been resolved (Stefan?):
Yes it has.  Fixed.
> I think ctypes 1.0.1 is required for ndpointer to work, so we might consider
> some kind of version check + warning on import? 
Not sure about that.  It worked for me using ctypes 1.0.0.
> Maybe a Python at-exit handler can be used to avoid the add_docstring leaks
> described here:
I'm not too concerned about this.  Whether we release the memory right 
before exiting or just let the O.S. do it when the process quits seems 
rather immaterial.  It would be a bit of work to implement so the cost / 
benefit ratio seems way to high.
> Also, what's the story with f2py? It seems Pearu is still making quite a few
> changes in the trunk as part of F2PY G3.
Pearu told me not to hold up NumPy 1.0 because f2py g3 is still a ways 
away.  His changes should not impact normal usage of f2py.   I suspect 
NumPy 1.0.1 will contain f2py g3


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