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Thu Oct 26 04:34:15 CDT 2006

El dj 26 de 10 del 2006 a les 11:09 +0200, en/na Sven Schreiber va
> Wow! The list is so quiet despite the fact that the numpy 1.0 release is
> officially announced on the website, and the download is on sourceforge.
> Well ok, it was expected and the download counters are all at zero, but
> still.
> I want to thank everybody who made this possible very much! I'm not a
> numpy veteran (never used Numeric or Numarray before, or python for very
> long actually), but it feels great nevertheless.
> Since I'm not an insider, I can't give all the names that deserve to be
> mentioned, but it's quite obvious that one should at least mention
> Travis explicitly. Travis, it's great to know somebody like you is there
> who takes users' concerns seriously! (I should really leave it to others
> to praise his development skills, since due to my ignorance in that area
>  I cannot even appreciate it fully.)
> Thanks, and relax a little after all the hard work!

Yeah, I completely agree. Congratulations to Travis and all the NumPy

Long life to NumPy!

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