recarray.__setattr__ bug?

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at
Sat Oct 28 13:28:35 CDT 2006

Michael McNeil Forbes wrote:
> Is the following the desired behaviour for setting recarray attributes?  
> This seems to clash with the semantics for arrays.
>  >>> from numpy import *
>  >>> a = array([1,2,3])
>  >>> b = a.view([('x',int),('y',int),('z',int)])
>  >>> r = b.view(recarray)
>  >>> b['x'] = 0
>  >>> r.y = 0
>  >>> a
>  array([0, 2, 3])
>  >>> r.x
>  array([0])
>  >>> r.y
>  0
> Setting r.y creates a local variable in r.__dict__ which is then 
> accessed rather than the array element referred to by fielddict.

Hmm.... I know that the code was changed at some point a few months ago 
specifically to this behavior because of some concerns Perry, Chris 
(people at STScI) had.   Originally, field names came first, but we 
changed it so they could set known attributes of a record array even if 
they were also field names.

This may be an unintentional side-effect.    So, let's not just change 
things again and create problems for them.


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