How to check for nan in an array?

Yves yves.frederix at
Mon Oct 30 04:47:57 CST 2006


Is there a way of checking for nan's in an array, as comparing to N.nan
doesn't seem to work.

	In [1]: import numpy as N

	In [2]: a = N.asarray(0.)/0
	Warning: invalid value encountered in divide

	In [3]: a
	Out[3]: nan

	In [4]: a==N.nan
	Out[4]: False

	In [5]: b = a.copy()

	In [6]: a==b
	Out[6]: False

	In [7]: b
	Out[7]: nan

	In [8]: N.__version__
	Out[8]: '1.0.dev3390'

Many thanks,

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