[Numpy-discussion] Problem building from svn under cygwin

Kyle Ferrio kferrio at cox.net
Sun Oct 1 21:32:15 CDT 2006

You're correct.  I built python with cygwin.  Thanks for the clue.

Robert Kern wrote:

Coatimundi wrote:
 > I have the latest cygwin environment and am using gcc 3.4.4. to build numpy.
 > Configure works:
 >     python setup.py configure --compiler=mingw32
 > Build fails:
 >     python setup.py build --compiler=mingw32
 What Python are you using? It looks like you built Python 2.5 using cygwin (that 
 is, the UNIX emulation layer). You cannot build your extensions with mingw32 in 
 that case. Don't use --compiler at all and you will be fine.
 If you are using the regular Python binaries, then you should be using 
 --compiler=mingw32, but you're getting the wrong Python headers in that case.
 Robert Kern

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