[Numpy-discussion] Memory errors

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 18:46:15 CDT 2006

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Vikalpa Jetly wrote:
> I am reading a very large array (~9000,11000) of 1 byte image values. I need
> to change values in the array that meet a certain condition so I am running
> something like:
> b = numpy.where(a>200,0,1)
> to create a new array with the changed values. However, I get a
> "MemoryError" everytime I try this. I have over 3gb of RAM on my machine
> (most of which is available). The process runs fine on smaller datasets. Is
> there a maximum array size that numpy handles? Any alternatives/workarounds?

There is no predefined limit on the array size, just your memory.

However, note that what you are doing here is creating an int32 (or int64 if you 
are on a 64-bit machine) array since you are using Python integers in your 
where() function. You can save quite a bit of memory by using the array from 
(a>200) and simply casting it to the uint8 type. That way, you only have two 
arrays in memory at any time, a and b.

   b = (a > 200).astype(numpy.uint8)

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