Things to address for Py3K

Eric Firing efiring at
Wed Oct 11 17:46:56 CDT 2006

Charles R Harris wrote:
>        b) extending 'and' and 'or' to allow element-by-element logical
>     operations or adding && and ||
>     2) Lowering the precedence of & so that a > 8 & a < 10  works as you
>     would expect.
> Yes on the extra operators. No on changing the precedence of &, that 
> would just confuse the heck out of all us c/c++ programmers; && and || 
> would be good. 

Travis's suggestion 2 is consistent with c/c++, where precedence 
increases from logical to bitwise to relational. (e.g.,

Python precedence now increases from logical to relational to bitwise, 
so it is inconsistent with c/c++. 


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