Should numpy.sqrt(-1) return 1j rather than nan?

Paul Dubois pfdubois at
Wed Oct 11 20:35:58 CDT 2006

This is a meta-statement about this argument.

We already had it. Repeatedly.

Whether you choose it one way or the other, for Numeric the community chose
it the way it did for a reason. It is a good reason. It isn't stupid. There
were good reasons for the other way. Those reasons weren't stupid. It was a
'choice amongst equals'.

Being compatible with some other package is all very nice but it is simply a
different choice and the choice was already made 10 years ago.

If scipy chose to do this differently then you now have an intractable
problem; somebody is going to get screwed.

So, next time somebody tells you that some different choice amongst equals
should be made for this and that good reason, just say no.

This is why having a project leader who is mean like me is better than
having a nice guy like Travis. (:->
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