Compiling Numpy with py2exe

Travis Oliphant oliphant at
Thu Oct 12 14:19:16 CDT 2006

Charles Hanot wrote:

> Hello,
> I’ve a program using Numpy and I would like to compile it with Py2exe 
> but I’ve some problems. When I try to compile my program, some modules 
> generated by numpy are not loaded. I’ve already asked to the py2exe 
> community if they have a solution for that and the answer was that it 
> was possible to compile numpy modules with py2exe but I should ask to 
> the Numpy community J
> So my question is, is there something special to do in order to 
> compile a program using numpy module?
The only thing I remember is that you have to explicitly make sure file gets copied over as it is not possible to discern that 
by looking at the import statements in .py files.


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