Problem buliding rc2 on OS X

Jay Parlar parlar at
Sat Oct 14 14:28:52 CDT 2006

> Are there any updates to the Developer Tools that you can install for 10.3.9?
> Particularly, is there one which provides gcc 4.0, which I think is the sine qua
> non for building Universal binaries.
> Can you build any other extension modules using distutils?
> If neither of the above is true, then you may need to upgrade to 10.4 to build
> Universal binaries. You might want to check the available Mac Python
> documentation and pythonmac-sig archives for more information. I have not been
> following the Universal discussion as closely as I could have (and as I'm
> currently on vacation, I'm not about to rectify that now).

Well, I just tried building PIL, and it worked just fine. So it looks
like we can't generally say that it's impossible for me to build
extension modules.

I've posted a message to the distutils-sig, so hopefully we can
resolve something there. If not, I'll take it to pythonmac-sig.

Jay P.

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