F2PY Troubles...

Andrea Gavana andrea.gavana at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 10:44:21 CDT 2006

Hello NG,

    I am using the latest Numpy release 1.0rc2 which includes F2PY. I
have switched to Python 2.5 so this is the only alternative I have
(IIUC). With Python 2.4, I was able to build a very simple fortran
extension without problems.

My extension contains 4 subroutines that scan a file and do simple operations.
Now, attempting to run the second subroutine as:

dprops, dwgnames, dunits = readsmspec.readsmspec(smspec, dimens)

Prompt a ValueError from Python:

  File "D:\MyProjects\Carolina\MainPanel.py", line 894, in ReadSMSPECFile
    dprops, dwgnames, dunits = readsmspec.readsmspec(smspec, dimens)
ValueError: data type must provide an itemsize

?!? I have never seen anything like that and googling around didn't
give me any answer. The function accepts two inputs:

- smspec: a filename, maximum 1000 characters long
- dimens: an integer

and returns 3 array of chars, each of them with size (8, dimens). Does
anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

Thank you very much for every pointer.


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