Can' compile numpy 1.02rc3 on OSX 10.3.9

markusro at markusro at
Tue Oct 24 09:54:03 CDT 2006

> Am 20.10.2006 um 02:53 schrieb Jay Parlar:
>>> Hi!
>>> I try to compile numpy rc3 on Panther and get following errors.
>>> (I start build with "python2.3 build" to be sure to use the
>>> python shipped with OS X. I din't manage to compile Python2.5 either
>>> yet with similar errors)
>>> Does anynbody has an Idea?
>>> gcc-3.3
>>> XCode 1.5
>>> November gcc updater is installed
>> I couldn't get numpy building with Python 2.5 on 10.3.9 (although I
>> had different compile errors). The solution that ended up working for
>> me was Python 2.4. There's a bug in the released version of Python 2.5
>> that's preventing it from working with numpy, should be fixed in the
>> next release.
>> You can find a .dmg for Python 2.4 here:
>> Jay P.
> I have that installed already but i get some bus errors with that.
> Furthermore it is built with gcc4
> and i need to compile an extra module(pytables) and I fear that will
> not work, hence I try to compile myself. Python 2.5 dosent't compile
> either (libSystemStubs is only on Tiger).

I have now everything compileing nicely:
Python 2.5 (removed the -llibSystemStubs from the Makefile)
the BusError when using iPython was still present; the reason is an
unpatched readline 5.1. This problem was solved by libreadline-5.2.
numpy rc3 compiled, too but numpy.test() still fails with them same error
(see previous post)


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