array + where return type: scalar vs. array

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at
Wed Oct 25 01:20:13 CDT 2006

Michael McNeil Forbes wrote:
> Could someone please explain the semantics of the following.
>>>> from numpy import *
>>>> a1 = array([1,2,3])
>>>> a2 = array([[1,2,3]])
>>>> a1[where(a1==3)],a2[where(a2==3)]
> (array([3]), 3)
> Why are 1-dimensional fundamentally different than N-dimensional arrays 
> in this regard?  When there is a single match, N-d arrays always return 
> a scalar whereas 1-d arrays return an array.
> Is this a bug?
Yes, it's a bug.  The optimization for a[0,2] was being called in this 
case because the arrays with 1 element were being interpreted as 
integers.   I beefed-up the conversion check and fixed this in SVN.   
Thanks for the check.

Now both have the same shape.


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