memory position of numpy arrays

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Fri Oct 27 06:04:00 CDT 2006

Hello Gael (sorry, I just don't get the dots...),

Am Freitag, den 27.10.2006, 08:46 +0200 schrieb Gael Varoquaux:
> Worked great for me ! My approach was to write a small wrapper C
> (actually C++, with "extern C" linking) library that exposed only what I
> needed of the camera interface, in a "python-friendly" way, and to wrap
> it with ctypes. I controlled a "Pixis" princeton instruments camera this
> way. As I said, it worked surprisingly well. I can send the code as an
> example if you wish.

Yes, that would be really nice! I think, I am doing the same thing. In
the attachment, you find my dll-code, which I am still working on --so
it is not ready to use!--, if you have any comments I will be happy.


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