Matrices for testing

jeremito jeremit0 at
Fri Oct 27 08:43:54 CDT 2006

> Well if all you want is some matrices, there's nothing stopping you
> from grabbing the matrices in the LAPACK distribution and using them
> yourself.  Robert's just saying they won't be included in Numpy.

> There's also the matrix market, whcih has a large number of
> (sparse-only?) example matrices.

> --bb
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> You might be also interested in the Matrix Computation Toolbox which is
> a collection of MATLAB M-files containing functions for constructing
> test matrices ...
> and
> BTW, you can easily import matrices given in the MatrixMarket format in
> scipy. See* io.mmread *
> mmread(source)
>     Reads the contents of a Matrix Market file 'filename' into a matrix.
>     Inputs:
>       source    - Matrix Market filename (extensions .mtx, .mtz.gz)
>                   or open file object.
>     Outputs:
>       a         - sparse or full matrix
> Nils

Thanks Bill and Nils.  After my response, I had discovered the Matrix
Market and realized it would be easy for me create some of the matrices
myself.  However having a way to read in the files already is really
helpful.  Thanks for pointing that out.  

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