recarray.__setattr__ bug?

Pierre GM pgmdevlist at
Sat Oct 28 05:19:06 CDT 2006

On Friday 27 October 2006 22:18, Michael McNeil Forbes wrote:
> Is the following the desired behaviour for setting recarray attributes? 

I ran into the same problem recently...

What about modifying __setattr__ to the following ?

    def __setattr__(self, attr, val):
        fielddict = sb.ndarray.__getattribute__(self,'dtype').fields
        if attr in fielddict.keys():
            return sb.ndarray.__setitem__(self, attr, val)
            return object.__setattr__(self, attr, val)
        except AttributeError: # Must be a fieldname
            raise AttributeError, "record array has no attribute %s" % attr 

The order is changed, as in Michael's suggestion, but that doesn't set any 
variable in the __dict__, nor does it mask anything. Instead of modifying the 
an attribute, we modify the field directly...

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