pyaudio, a module to make noise from numpy arrays

David Cournapeau david at
Sun Oct 29 00:00:38 CDT 2006

Christopher Barker wrote:
> Does this have anything to do with this pyaudio?
> -Chris
Not at all. I should have looked for pyaudio as a name on google :)

 Before coding my small package, I looked at other python bindings for 
audio, but either they were not cross platform, or not uptodate, or 
depended on too much external code. I didn't find this one, though.

I think using something like portaudio just to be able to play or record 
data is a bit overkill: those libraries are supposed to be used for 
audio applications, with all the constraints: real time capabilities, 
mixing capabilities, being able to list soundcards, etc... My scope is 
really much simpler: I just want to be able to import audio files as 
numpy arrays, process them, and to listen to the result; it really just 
intend to be an equivalent of wavread, wavwrite and sound/soundsc of 
matlab. libsndfile is the defacto standard on linux (almost all audio 
applications on linux with IO needs use it), is really high quality, and 
is available on linux, windows and mac OSX.



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