Changes to bools under Numexpr

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Sun Oct 29 05:55:20 CST 2006

Ivan Vilata i Balaguer wrote:
> En/na Colin J. Williams ha escrit::
>> I'm afraid I'm still baffled.  Are you saying that your proposal is 
>> necessary
>> to preserve compatibility with Python versions before 2.3? Otherwise, it 
>> appears
>> to introduce clutter with no clear benefit.
>> I don't find Numexpr in NumPy, are you referring to a scipy module?
> From
>     The scipy.sandbox.numexpr package supplies routines for the fast
>     evaluation of array expressions elementwise by using a vector-based
>     virtual machine. It's comparable to scipy.weave.blitz (in Weave),
>     but doesn't require a separate compile step of C or C++ code.
> If your SciPy package doesn't include it, you can get a checkout from
> the repository::
>     $ svn co
> Numexpr is not usable under Python <= 2.4 since it uses decorators (and
> maybe for other reasons), so my proposal clearly hasn't the intention on
> Python 2.3 compatibility.  Instead, it is a simplification of Numexpr's
> type system by stricter boolean types.
> I suggest that you try Numexpr.  It is a great piece of software.  Cheers,
> ::
> 	Ivan Vilata i Balaguer   >qo<
> 	       Cárabos Coop. V.  V  V   Enjoy Data

Many thanks for this.  It's a long time since I looked at SciPy, though 
I will
look at Numexpr.

Currently, I'm focusing on Numpy.

Colin W.

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