Strange numpy.argmax behavior on object arrays in numpy 1.0.

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at
Mon Oct 30 23:19:45 CST 2006

Tom Denniston wrote:
> I recently upgraded to numpy 1.0 from 1.0b5.   I noticed that 
> numpy.argmax behavior is very strange on object arrays.  See below:
> (Pdb) numpy.__version__
> '1.0'
> (Pdb) numpy.argmax(numpy.array([2, 3], dtype=object))
> 0
> (Pdb) numpy.argmax(numpy.array([2, 3], dtype=int))
> 1
> (Pdb) numpy.argmax(numpy.array([2, 3], dtype=object), axis=0)
> 0
> I would expect the argmax to behave the same on the dtype=int and 
> dtype=object examples but it doesn't.  Am I missing some subtelty or 
> is this just a bug?  1.0 is the most recent version, right?
This is a bug.  I've fixed in in SVN.  Thanks for the test.


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