[Numpy-discussion] Problem with concatenate and object arrays

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 08:34:58 CDT 2006


> This is a result of PyArray_FromAny changing when object arrays are
> explicitly requested (which they are in this case --- although behind
> the scenes).

Hmm - I think I am hitting a related bug/feature/surprising change in
behavior, which is showing up rather obscurely in a failure of the
scipy.io matlab loading tests:


Here's the change I wasn't expecting, present with current SVN:

a = arange(2)
b = arange(1)
c = array([a, b], dtype=object)
array([[0, 1],
       [0, 0]], dtype=object)

On a previous version of numpy (1.02b.dev2975) I get the answer I was expecting:

array([[0], [0 1]], dtype=object)



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