[Numpy-discussion] Experience with Visit?

O'Keefe, Michael Michael_OKeefe at nrel.gov
Fri Sep 15 11:23:24 CDT 2006

I haven't tried VisIT before but thanks for the link. I also downloaded and am checking it out.

Along this same line of discussion, has anyone tried OOF2 which is an FEA package that also has some strong python connections?


I'm working on a Windows machine and it the current code-base doesn't seem to support Windows out of the box (if at all). Looks like you can put it together for *nix or Mac OS X, though...


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> Travis Oliphant wrote:
> > Has anybody had any experience with the 3-D visualization software 
> > VISIT?   It has Python bindings and seems to be pretty 
> sophisticated.  
> > I'm wondering why I haven't heard more about it.
> > 
> > http://www.llnl.gov/visit/
> No reaction up to now, so...
> I have just tried the 'getting started' part and was quite impressed, 
> thanks for posting the link! Up to now I have used ParaView 
> and was very 
> satisfied, but the Python bindings of VisIt are a great lure.
> r.
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