[Numpy-discussion] feasability study to migrate from numarray to numpy

mg mg.mailing-list at laposte.net
Tue Sep 19 03:58:57 CDT 2006

I forget a last question,

We currently advise a High Performance Platform for our customers 
(Opteron cluster) where our applications are linked with GOTO blas library.

I found in the Numpy distribution the file site.cfg, used to specify the 
BLAS to used at the link time. (It could be an interesting feature for 
us.) I noted some configuration variables have names depending on the 
name of the chosen BLAS library. So, my question is: is GOTO is 
supported or is it easy for us to add it? I wonder too if the string 
"[atlas]" written in site.cfg is used or not ?


Travis Oliphant wrote:
> mg wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am doing a feseability study to migrate our Python based FEM 
>> applications from Numarray to Numpy.
>> First, I tried to install Numpy from Python-2.4 on linux-x86, 
>> linux-86-64bit. So, all work fine. Great! Moreover, I change easily the 
>> BLAS linked libraries. I tried with ATLAS and GOTO. Great again!
>> Second, I try to do the same think on windows-x86 without success. So my 
>> first question is: is Numpy-1.0b5 has been tested and is supported on 
>> Windows?
> Yes, it should work.  Builds for windows were provided.   But, perhaps 
> there are configuration issues for your system that we are not handling 
> correctly.
>> Third, I tried to install Numpy from Python-2.5, which is our standard 
>> Python, on linux-x86... and the compilation stopped during the 
>> compilation of core/src/multiarraymodule.c. So my second question is: is 
>> there a workaround or is the porting to Python2.5 is yet schedule?
> There was a problem with Python 2.5 and NumPy 1.0 that is fixed in SVN.  
> Look for NumPy 1.0rc1 to come out soon.
>> My third question is: is the tool to migrate the numarray based Python 
>> scripts (numpy.numarray.alter_code1) work fine? (I suppose yes...)
> It needs more testing.  It would be great if you could help us find and 
> fix bugs in it.   I don't have a lot of numarray code to test.
>> We have created a lot of bindings in order to pilote our generic-C++ 
>> framework with Python scripts. So, about the Numpy API, is it widely 
>> different than the Numarray API? (We will order the Numpy Guide too.)
> It is more similar to the Numeric C-API.  However, the numarray C-API is 
> completely supported by including numpy/libnumarray.h so you should be 
> able to convert your C code very easily.   Any problems encountered 
> should be noted and we'll get them fixed.
>> To not duplicate large numerical memory arrays, Numarray allows to 
>> aliasing the memory of some bindings with arrays from Numarray, and we 
>> have used this feature intensively. So, I wonder if it is currently 
>> supported (or even scheduled)?
> I'm pretty sure the answer is yes (because the Numarray C-API is 
> supported), though I'm not exactly sure what you mean.  Do you mean that 
> you have memory created in the C/C++ framework and then you have an 
> array use that memory for it's data area?  If that is what you mean, 
> then the answer is definitely yes.
> -Travis
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