[Numpy-discussion] [MMTK] Re: Fwd: Collection.findTransformation() never stops

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 19 11:48:31 CDT 2006

Konrad Hinsen wrote:
> MMTK works fine with Numeric 23.x (and probably many other versions),  
> so I don't see a pressing need to change to NumPy.

Pressing is in the eye of the beholder.

However: I don't think we should underestimate the negative impact of 
the Numeric/numarray split on the usability and perception of the 
community. Also the impact on how much work has been done to accommodate 
it. If you consider matplotlib alone:

Effort to write the "numerix" compatibility layer
Effort to support problems people have with incompatibility
Effort to build binaries that support all the packages
Effort to do extra testing to determine whether a given problem is 
caused by a different numerix back-end.

This really adds up!

Because of this, it IS a pressing need to get as much stuff converted as 

In addition, as I understand it, MMTK was NOT working fine for the OP. 
this is also the case for a variety of other codes that depend on 
Numeric. As robust as they (and Numeric) might be, when you need to run 
something on a new platform (OS-X - Intel comes to mind), or use a new 
LAPACK, or whatever, there are going to be (and have been) issues that 
need to be addressed. No one is maintaining Numeric, so it makes much 
more sense to put your effort into porting to numpy, rather than trying 
to fix or work around Numeric issues.

This is also a great time to get help with porting issues -- see Travis' 
recent message.


PS: this really highlights the strength of having good unit tests: as 
far as i can tell, it's really not that much work to do the port -- the 
work is in the testing. Comprehensive units tests would make that part 
trivial too.

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