[Numpy-discussion] Tests and code documentation

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve at arachnedesign.net
Thu Sep 21 13:45:29 CDT 2006

> Are able to use doxygen for Python code ? I thought it only worked  
> for C (and
> alike) ?
> IIRC correctly, it now does Python too. Let's see... here is an  
> example
> ## Documentation for this module.
> #
> # More details.
> ## Documentation for a function.
> #
> # More details.
> def func():
> pass
> Looks like ## replaces the /**

I never found it (although I haven't looked too hard), but I always  
thought there was an official way to document python code --  
minimally to put the documentation in the docstring following the  
function definition:

def func(..):
     """One liner.

     Continue docs -- some type of reStructredText style

Isn't that the same docstring that ipython uses to bring up help,  
when you do:

In [1]: myobject.some_func?

So .. I guess I'm wondering why we want to break from the standard?


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