[Numpy-discussion] reload and f2py

George Nurser gnurser at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 26 09:10:12 CDT 2006

I'm running Python 2.3.5 with recent SVN f2py.

Suppose I import an extension I have built with f2py. Then, if I edit
the fortran and recompile the extension, I cannot use reload to use
the modified version within the same Python session.

I believe this is an problem with Python, that reload doesn't work
with externally compiled extensions.

Is this something that can be changed in future versions of Python, or
is it an inherent problem? For editing and recompiling within an
ipython session is quite a good way of getting the fortran code to
work, leaving aside any problems in doing the f2py interfacing.

--George Nurser.

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