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She explained the route and the exact situation of the house. Theres plenty of time, answered the dutiful nephew coolly. Somebody turned the handle of the door and drew back the bolts. Getting down, he tried the gates, and found one was fastened by a slip catch.
No blood on the floor, mused Sneed, and stared up at the open skylight. She tried to pull the bed from the wall, but it was a heavy oaken affair and beyond her strength. In a few words he gave the gist of the terrible message which had reached him.
She listened at the door, her senses tense, and heard a faint, deep sobbing, then heard no more.
I do not expect you to do, that, said Mr Cody hastily. My idea, the man went on, calmness itself, was to meet her halfway. Your daughters friend is a fairly rich young lady?
You dare accuse your aunt of being - -Ive got a great respect for my aunt.
Ive got a car down here - - Mine is faster. The two men looked at one another without a word.
She has a girl friend and often dines with her - probably she will go on to a theatre afterwards. She explained the route and the exact situation of the house.
You dare accuse your aunt of being - -Ive got a great respect for my aunt. The hand gripped the bottom of the door and strove to lift it. Ill be under the railway arch in Brixton Road.
There came no sound but the slow, solemn ticking of a dock on a landing above.
Presently Mrs Cody came out alone, and, going downstairs, unlocked the library and went in.
In the hall the chauffeur was lighting a cigarette.
I shall not sign any document that I havent read, she replied, and laid down the pen.
You ask too many questions; hes been complainin about you.
The excuse was so flimsy, she told herself.
We do not support such a luxury, Mrs Cody, she said. She knew it was covered with oilcloth, and it was on this that the feet were moving. Whilst the stout man watched admiringly, he removed the whole pane and drew it out.
Bare feet must have wandered aimlessly here - the footmarks are on every rug.
Ive sent for the Scotland Yard photographer and the local police, he said.
He was on a level ledge of roof about three feet wide.
As the machine sped southward he told of Sybils disappearance. A spring lock, explained Sneed; fastens automatically when its closed. She listened, and for a long time there was nothing to break the silence.
Until then he had not made any reference to the story the librarian had told him. I dont know what your dirty business is - -Mr Cody exploded in anger. 
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