[Numpy-discussion] Avoiding array-scalar arithmetic?

Ryan Gutenkunst rng7 at cornell.edu
Thu Sep 14 19:59:59 CDT 2006


Thanks for the quick response. My application is back up to its old 

Thanks also for spearheading the numpy/scipy projects. It's certainly 
made my work much, much more productive.


On Sep 14, 2006, at 7:40 PM, Travis Oliphant wrote:
> Ryan Gutenkunst wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick response, but either there's a bug, or I'm using
>> things wrong. It appears to work to work in the N-D case, but not 
>> 1-D. I
>> looked at the change you made, but my grasp of the C-API is too weak 
>> to
>> isolate the problem.
> It's a silly bug.  Please check out the latest SVN.
> -Travis

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