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This may have been regularan then again it may have been queer. Bilyen made a careful inspection of the spot, and then faced Brazos witha curious fire in his eyes. I raisedthe ante to two thousand dollars. Give me the lowdown on rustlin in eastern Colorado.
Suddenly she sprang out from the wall, formidable as a tigress. Without any greeting, Brazos flung a query at the banker.
Yu-all shorehave heahed of the Sewall McCoy combine with Russ Slaughter. Shes the most fascinating girl I ever met. But he could be made a target for speech thatwould sweep over town like fire in prairie grass.
At the foot of the Odd Fellows stairway Brazos halted to load his gun.
Father hasa deal on with Surface and Miller. I mixed with cowboys,cattlemen, gamblers, an town folks. Cross the street heah an walk up thetside an down on this side. Yu men held upNeece thet night an robbed him.
Wal, this gang of three was after himfor reasons that bear strong in this deal.
An lettin that gambler Howard runaround with her. Range talk blames me for alot thet Im innocent of.
She met his piercing gaze with understanding, and avisible shudder. If they would be, yud never get a vote,onless from some of yore hired hands. No noticeable change showed in the ranchers pale face.
Dealing Surface a powerful left-handed blow,Brazos knocked him flat.
Lura designated her bag, which Brazostook up. Whats to keep mefrom shootin Raine Surfaces laig off? 
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