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Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:35:23 CDT 2006

On 9/18/06, Mathew Yeates <myeates at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
> semi off topic.
> Does anyone know of any good visual programming tools? Forever ago, I
> used to use something called Khoros for image processing and I found it
> very useful. You connect boxes which represent different processing
> steps. At about the same time, there was something similar to Khoros
> from SGI. Explorer was its name, I think.
> Anybody out there use this sort of thing? Matlab doesn't offer it,
> right? Nor matplotlib?
> Mathew

There have been several presentations at the scipy conferences about a
visual programming environment for molecular visualization. You might check
and see if the presentations are available on the scipy site. Lets see, name
is ViPEr, and some papers can be found under publications at this site:
I have no idea how generally useful the framework is.

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