[Numpy-discussion] visual programming

Bryan Cole bryan at cole.uklinux.net
Mon Sep 18 16:53:33 CDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 09:29 -0700, Mathew Yeates wrote:
> semi off topic.
> Does anyone know of any good visual programming tools? Forever ago, I 
> used to use something called Khoros for image processing and I found it 
> very useful. You connect boxes which represent different processing 
> steps. At about the same time, there was something similar to Khoros 
> from SGI. Explorer was its name, I think.

Looking at the Khoros commercial site (now AccuSoft), it looks like a
more polished version of OpenDX (which also offers a visual programming
system). See http://www.opendx.org/index2.php 

The problem with OpenDX is the cr*ppy Motif-based GUI (particularly so
if you use Windows). I prefer VTK (www.vtk.org) which offers similar
concepts (pipeline execution of data filtering/visualisation blocks) but
in a programmatic form based on python (which we like...). 


> Anybody out there use this sort of thing? Matlab doesn't offer it, 
> right? Nor matplotlib?
> Mathew
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