[Numpy-discussion] Tests and code documentation

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Sep 21 11:30:40 CDT 2006

Charles R Harris wrote:
> Travis,
> A few questions.
> 1) I can't find any systematic code testing units, although there seem 
> to be tests for regressions and such. Is there a place we should be 
> putting such tests?
All tests are placed under the tests directory of the corresponding 
sub-package.  They will only be picked up by .test(level < 10) if the 
file is named test_<module_name>.    .test(level>10) should pick up all 
test files.   If you want to name something different but still have it 
run at a test level < 10,  then you need to run the test from one of the 
other test files that will be picked up (test_regression.py and 
test_unicode.py are doing that for example). 
> 2) Any plans for code documentation? I documented some of my stuff 
> with doxygen markups and wonder if we should include a Doxyfile as 
> part of the package.
I'm not familiar with Doxygen, but would welcome any improvements to the 
code documentation.
> 3) Would you consider breaking out the Converters into a separate .c 
> file for inclusion? The code generator seems to take care of the ordering.
You are right that it doesn't matter which order the API subroutines are 
placed.  I'm not opposed to more breaking up of the .c files, as long as 
it is clear where things will be located.    The #include strategy is 
necessary to get it all in one Python module, but having smaller .c 
files usually makes for faster editing.   It's the arrayobject.c file 
that is "too-large" IMHO, however.   That's where I would look for ways 
to break it up.

The iterobject and the data-type object could be taken out, for example.


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