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And bonus news, the story  is already being translated to the big screen. I come down, with some vested interest here, I suppose, on the side of eccentric vision.
ML: The Lord Soho series held some rather dark and acrid views of your fellow Englishmen.
However, as a study in social behavior, I think its a neat site. I put the work into it and it stayed in the bestseller list for three months.
You tune into us to hear us chat with science fiction and fantasy authors primarily.
The problem, as Ive suggested, is a general one.
However, as a study in social behavior, I think its a neat site. My piece is entitled The Last Frequency, and it was a lot of fun to do.
Lorrie and Sheila talk about subjectivity and required reading list and interview Kathe Koja.
got produced because my editor fell in love with the idea.
If youve got the time and the inclination, please do so. For many underpublished authors, obscurity remains the number one obstacle to overcome.
Swarming bees are usually incredibly docile, at least for a few hours.
Yes, hes a friend of mine, and Im pimping the hell out of the book.
And at such times she is as uncompromisingly physical as she is real. The problem, as Ive suggested, is a general one. The novella is also available to read online at Robs website.
Gotta say I wont be complaining about this weather.
No hard feelings, even if you knock the tar out of me. Create your own superhero or supervillian I wrote it because the fans wanted another Rincewind novel.
And it looks like he just might have a taker. 
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