[Numpy-discussion] Segfault with 64-bit, ACML, Python 2.5

Nickolas V Fotopoulos nvf at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 27 11:33:10 CDT 2006

On Tuesday, September 26, Robert Kern wrote:
> Please run numpy.test(10,10). That will print out the name of the test before
> running it. Thus we will find out which test is segfaulting.


The last line is:
Check creation from list of list of tuplesSegmentation fault

This matches what gdb said.  I wouldn't think there any BLAS or LAPACK calls
during array creation, so that would rule out ACML as the culprit.  Any quick
ideas of where specifically to look?


I had a rather different setup working.  I changed too many variables (python
2.4, no ACML, pre-1.0beta SVN checkout to python 2.5, ACML, yesterday SVN
checkout) to be sure what is breaking.  I'll regress a bit and see if I can
find out what's wrong.  I always remove the build directory before
reinstalling, but I generally don't remove the site-packages/numpy 
directory. I'll start doing that.  I'm fairly sure I'm not picking up 
2.4's site-packages.

Oh, another thing is that I had trouble with the gnu (g77) version of the ACML
libraries, so I forced gfortran usage with .pydistutils.cfg.  Should 
that break


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