[Numpy-discussion] Release candidate 2.0 will come out mid-week next week

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Thu Sep 28 04:24:15 CDT 2006

El dc 27 de 09 del 2006 a les 21:17 -0600, en/na Travis Oliphant va
> Hi all,
> I'd like to release numpy 1.0rc2 on about October 5 of next week.   
> Then, the release of numpy 1.0 official should happen on Monday, October 
> 17.   Please try and get all fixes and improvements in before then.  
> Backward-incompatible changes are not acceptable at this point (unless 
> they are minor or actually bug-fixes). I think NumPy has been cooking 
> long enough.  Any remaining problems can be fixed with maintenance 
> releases.  When 1.0 comes out, we will make a 1.0 release branch where 
> bug-fixes should go as well as on the main trunk (I'd love for a way to 
> do that automatically).

In order to reduce the overhead of commiting bug fixes in both trunk and
the 1.0 branch, you may want to delay the making of the 1.0 branch as
much as possible. Eventually, when you have to start changes that
properly belongs to trunk, then it's time to create the branch, but
meanwhile you can save yourself quite a few syncronization work.

Anyway, it is my pleasure to help finding bugs for NumPy!

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