[Numpy-discussion] question about standalone small software and teaching

Giorgio Luciano giorgio.luciano@chimica.unige...
Tue Apr 3 07:25:27 CDT 2007

Hello Dear All,
I just have a question for all that  uses python/numpy/scipy/matplotlib 
for making science.
I use with no problem in my computer  python+numpy+scipy+matplotlib and 
I'm very satisfied with them.
I was a matlab user. I still not have unearthed the power ot python but 
I'm happy to use a programming language and not a metalanguage. When I 
gave people my software (in matlab) the all ask me if I could compile 
and create some interface.
I tried to use matlab GUIs, succeded in creating, but then I had a lot 
of problems. Compiling not always worked. after compiling you have not a 
workspace and so I had to make all output as txt files... and so on.
Now that I use python I'm again with the same problem. I create easy 
routines (for chemometrics) and then people ask me if I can make a 
standalone program with interface.
I used orange and for NN it's surely one of the best, but I'm not good 
at programming widgets. Then I think about it, searched the web and 
didn't find anything.
What I'm searching is something similar to labview :)
At first I thought ... hey why people wat an interface, just use the 
console, and then after listening  to their reason I have to agree.
What do I generally do ? I have a matrix in txt, I apply my routines (a 
SVD, a PCA, a filter etc etc  written in python), plot them (using 
maplotlib) and then I want an output. that's it.
I started looking at various Qt etc. etc. but for me it's overhelming, 
because I think that the most important part should be dedicate to the 
routines creation and not to making a gui, compiling, etc. etc. I need 
simple command like people wants. grids, paste and copy, small working 
plots :)
I mean I can get crazy with setting my program, importing etc. etc. but 
I also have to say that needs and claim about writing simple guis, 
common paste and copy etc should be considered from someone there (we 
wait for the help of some guru that makes things easier ;)

thanks for reading the mail

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