[Numpy-discussion] About NumPy description

Steven H. Rogers steve@shrogers....
Tue Apr 3 21:13:39 CDT 2007

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> Francesc Altet wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've seen the description of NumPy in the recent announcement (btw, good 
>> work!) and I think it misses something important. To put this in context, let 
>> me paste the description used for the latest announce:
>> """
>> NumPy is a Python extension that provides a multi-dimensional array and 
>> basic mathematical processing to Python.  NumPy also provides foundation 
>> for basic image and signal processing, linear algebra and Fourier 
>> transforms, and random number generation.  NumPy also includes easy 
>> integration with ctypes and Fortran allowing powerful extensions to be 
>> written.
>> """
>> This is ok but I think it stresses a bit too much the mathematical side of 
>> NumPy and doesn't mention the important field of application for the flexible 
>> multi-dimensional data containers that it provides.

How about:
NumPy extends Python with a multi-dimensional array type (class) and 
related mathematical functions.  This provides the Python user with 
useful abstractions for managing and computing with multi-dimensional 
bulk data.  This provides a strong foundation for for such domains as 
statistics, image and signal processing, finance, and general systems 
modeling.  Easy integration with ctypes and Fortran allow efficient 
leveraging of high performance C and Fortran code.

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