[Numpy-discussion] Big list of Numpy & Scipy users

Sebastian Haase haase@msg.ucsf....
Wed Apr 4 23:49:47 CDT 2007

Why do you call it
if it also lists people/project who use (only) numpy.

I wish I could suggest a better name ...
I just checked the swig.org web site;  the call it just
"projects"   ( http://www.swig.org/projects.html )
[ Open source projects using SWIG ]
so maybe just leaving out the "Scipy_" part.

BTW,  do peer review papers count !?  I have two of them, using numpy
(originally numarray, but now it's numpy)

Maybe the projects should be in categories:
- open source
- commercial   (?)
- papers
- ??


On 4/4/07, Bill Baxter <wbaxter@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/4/07, Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Bill Baxter wrote:
> > > Is there any place on the Wiki that lists all the known software that
> > > uses Numpy in some way?
> > >
> >> > It would be nice to start collecting such a list if there isn't one
> > > already.  Screenshots would be nice too.
> >
> > There is no such list that I know of, but you may start one on the wiki if you like.
> Ok, I made a start:  http://www.scipy.org/Scipy_Projects
> Anyone who has a project that depends on Numpy or Scipy, please go add
> your info there!
> I haven't linked it from anywhere, because it looks pretty pathetic
> right now with only three or four entries.  But hopefully everyone
> will jumps in and add their project to the list.
> Part of the idea is that this should be a good place to point
> nay-sayers to when they say "meh - numpy... that's a niche project for
> a handful of scientists."
> So ... hopefully a good portion of the links will be things other than
> science projects.  There will hopefully be a lot of things that
> "ordinary users" would care about.  :-)
> I couldn't figure out how to add an image, but if someone knows how to
> do that, please do.
> --bb
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