[Numpy-discussion] scipy.io.loadmat incompatible with Numpy 1.0.2

Travis Oliphant oliphant@ee.byu....
Mon Apr 9 11:45:16 CDT 2007

Ryan May wrote:

>As far as I can tell, the new Numpy 1.0.2 broke scipy.io.loadmat. 
Yes, it was the one place that scipy used the fact that field selection 
of a 0-d array returned a scalar.  This has been changed in NumPy 1.0.2 
to return a 0-d array.  

The fix is in SciPy SVN.   Just get the mio.py file from SVN and drop it 
in to your distribution and things should work fine.   Or wait until a 
SciPy release is made.


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