[Numpy-discussion] Big list of Numpy & Scipy user

Bill Baxter wbaxter@gmail....
Mon Apr 9 14:39:34 CDT 2007

On 4/9/07, Matt Knox <mattknox_ca@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Andrew Straw <strawman <at> astraw.com> writes:
> > >>> Is there any place on the Wiki that lists all the known software that
> > >>> uses Numpy in some way?
> > >>>
> > >
> > Great idea. I renamed the page to http://www.scipy.org/Projects so
> > Numpy-only users wouldn't feel excluded.
> >
> Looking at the page, I think it might be nice if the table of contents included
> links to the individual projects as well so you can get a sense of the variety
> of applications using numpy/scipy at a quick glance without scrolling through
> the whole page of dense text.
> ...
> This can be done automatically by making the headings level 2 headings instead
> of the current level 4 (ie. == Heading ==  instead of ==== Heading ====).

I made the projects be 4th level headings because 1st and 2nd level
headings didn't look different enough to me.  And because I thought
there might be some desire to insert some intermediate level headings
as the list grows.  Like Applications / Science  or Applications /
Graphics.   But that doesn't seem likely to happen, really, since
there are too many overlaps between any potential categories.
Middleware and Applications isn't really a true dichotomy either as
PIL comes with handy image manipulation scripts and SFE comes with
some reusable libs.

But I went ahead and made the projects 2nd level headings.  I hate the
fact that you can hardly tell the difference between 1st level and 2nd
level headings, but that's really an issue that should be dealt with
at the Wiki stylesheet level, not the page level.

> I'm not a professional wiki designer

I don't think there is such a job category ;-).  Jimmy Wales from
Wikipedia fits the bill maybe.


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