[Numpy-discussion] Numpy with uclibc compiled python

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis@ieee....
Mon Apr 9 16:47:32 CDT 2007

David Shepherd wrote:
> My message may have gotten lost over the weekend, but I wanted to see if 
> anyone had anything else I can try to fix the problem.  We have to demo 
> this project for a ECE project on Thursday and I was hoping to get the 
> FFT working.

I know nothing about ulibc.   Do you have any of the floating-point 
routines that this section of code is trying to get?

It looks like you on your platform we probably shouldn't even be trying 
to include fenv.h at all.     I would replace the entire line  (#227)  to

#if 0

so that the "default" section of code gets included.  Do this for every 
case where fenv.h is trying to be included.


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